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Plan a grocery list for your budget before leaving for the supermarket.

Check your favorite grocery store online in order to sign up for emails and alerts.

Get helpful email alerts from this free merchandise and coupons newsletter.

Check the Sunday newspaper in your area for weekly coupons.

If you need specific coupons now, purchase them here.

Eat a light snack or meal to avoid additional items from being added to your list.

Avoid high-end and convenience stores, unless products are on sale.

Visit your local farmer's market for organic food and savings.

Comparison shop for a set of items. Produce may be less expensive at one store, but cost more at another store with less expensive household items. However, before separating shopping lists, make sure that you are not spending your grocery savings on gas money to travel between stores.

Use a calculator to keep a total each time you add an item to the cart. Those items can add up quickly. Include the sales tax.

Buy frequently used perishable items on sale and freeze the surplus.

Avoid packaged foods and select less expensive raw, unprepared foods; unless having a small amount of people in your household leads to waste.

Try the less expensive generic brands. Some of them are the exact same quality as or similar to the brand name products. Because of shoppers looking for savings, some stores have actually sold popular generic brands for more than the brand name product. Make sure to look out for any changes or sales.

Instead of buying sodas and packaged drinks, make your own.

Eating healthier helps avoid the empty calories and expense of sugar and fillers.

Buying produce in season is usually less expensive and more nutritious.

Compare canned, dried, frozen and fresh products for the best bargains.

If you are an experienced cook, substitute expensive ingredients in recipes to suit your personal taste and experiment with new flavors.

Use less meat for protein in meals and substitute beans, eggs, and tofu.

Use leftovers creatively.

Pack a lunch to carry with you to work or while traveling.

Visit your favorite restaurant during lunch. Many restaurants have regular lunch specials.

Finally, make sure to consider both quality and cost.

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