Light Up Your Wallet

One simple way to lower your office and home lighting costs is by turning out the lights as you leave a room.  Think about how many lights that you might use and multiply that against the cost and energy of one light bulb.  You can also try changing the actual light bulb to a lower energy one, such as from a regular incandescent to a fluorescent bulb.  Besides saving money on electricity, this has the benefit of burning less energy, making it a green environmental solution.

In an office environment, the amount of energy on lighting tends to be an even greater amount than in the average home.  This easily translates to greater costs savings for lighting efficiency.  In the name of security, some offices leave on all of their lights at night in order to detract burglars.  Perhaps, a more focused approach on particular lights or a more energy efficient approach using low-energy lights for this purpose would help to alleviate this lighting expense and conserve energy.

There are some caveats to remember in utilizing fluorescent bulbs for lighting your environment.  It may be more useful for areas in which high lighting is needed for a particular task.  Some users have complained about the low quality of the light emanating from this type of bulb; think of the fluorescents that have been commonly used in school buildings for decades.  Many people have complained about the effects of fluorescents on their visibility and even their health.  However, some of these complaints might be answered by using full spectrum fluorescent bulbs that give a much better quality of light.  Visual quality of light can also affect the appearance of artwork and other colors in a space.  It may be best to weigh the various factors when choosing lighting for a particular environment.

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Light Up Your Wallet

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